Sports Injuries:
At Locke Chiropractic, we combine many state-of-the-art services and techniques centered on sports chiropractic care to enhance your peak performance and recovery. Special emphasis is placed on allowing you to continue your training program while the injury is healing. Dr. Locke is well versed in the type of injuries and ailments common to his patients because he is an athlete and has experienced some of the same conditions and demands that can lead to an athletic injury…
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Auto Injuries:
Following an automobile accident, there is a lot of confusion that may occur, because of the complexity of everything that is needed or required of you. Besides damage to your car, filling out required accident reports if the damage to your car is over a certain dollar amount, you are also having to deal with pains associated with the injury itself…
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Workers Compensation:
Neck and Back Injuries are the most common injuries occurring at work. Being examined and treated by a Chiropractor for neck and back injuries as soon as possible could significantly reduce your pain and begin the healing process sooner. Industrial Injuries result in injury to a worker, both physically, emotionally, and financially. Everyone gains when an injured worker is safely back on the job. Don’t let pain from a work injury make it hard to continue working at top efficiency…
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