Dr. Wong’s Practice at Locke Chiropractic

Stages of Care

At Locke Chiropractic Clinic, our focus is both preventative care and the treatment of pre-existing conditions. We offer three stages of care for all of our patients—relief, curative and prevention.


The primary short term (days to weeks) goal of the relief stage of care is to provide the patient with symptomatic relief.


During the corrective (weeks to months) stage, the aim is to identify and cure the problems that contributed to the initial pain, and to rehabilitate the damaged tissues. This stage is vital to complete stabilization from the source of the pain.


Recovery is often not permanent but requires a life time of management. Once a patient’s condition has normalized we recommend that periodic spinal checkups with Locke Chiropractic become routine. This stage of treatment may also include adjunctive care including therapeutic massage, exercises and stretches.

Specialty Services and Techniques Utilized:

***TX Assesment (Dr. Wong’s assessment of what service/technique to utilize) is determined by past patient responses to different methods of care.